Crusher EPS 890-600/210

Technical description: polystyrene (EPS) is drawn before crushing between two rotating shafts which are mounted on rotating blades. Rotary blade thereto, cut and break material to the desired size approx 50x50x mm. Bbefore crushing EPS falls, is sucked into the shredder shredding chamber. The chamber is fixed drum screen of perforated sheet. In the chamber, rotating chipper knives, which crushed material. The crushed particles are sucked through the vacuum holes in a sieve over the cyclone into the reservoir.

Accessories crusher:

  • transport ventilators IN 4000
  • Cyclone 600/250
  • Stand BIG BAB 2x 2000
  • hose PU150-10000

Photo gallery

  • Klasická zostava
  • Crushing Line EPS
Befor crusher:
The maximum size of the treated polystyrene(šxdxv) mm870x2000x(200 to 300)
Input power kW 1,5 + 4
dimension of the input hopper(šxv) mm 870 x 500
Height of hopper floor mm1430
Power before crushed soft EPS m3/hod14 to 15
Input power drive shredderkW 18,5
Power shredder according to the∅ holes in the sieve, for ∅ 8 mm m3/hod    8 to 10
Grit size (grain), according to the type of polystyrene mm from 1 to 8
Diameter sieve (as desired) mm∅ 8 to ∅ 20
Total Weight kg970
Dimensions (dxšxv) mm1450 x1600 x1960
El. connection V, A400, 63