Feeding machines

Automatic feeding machines ( female screws, screws, shanks, ..) are assigned for automatic insertion of oriented parts to welding (fitting) machine.

Automatic feeding machines provide for:

  • feeding of female screws from container to vibrating device
  • orientation of female screws ( mechanical and optical verification of orientation)
  • transport of oriented female screws to feeding device by pneumatic shift
  • insertion of oriented female screws to welding machine – to electrode tip

Preferences of feeding machine:

  • the labour productivity is 3 times higher contrary to manual feeding
  • guaranteed verification of screw`s orientation prevents from spoilage`s uprise
  • higher maintanance safety
  • synchronization of automatic feeding and welding machine

Photo gallery

Control Orientation
Tray + vibratory feeder with orientation
Feeding machine, typePM 1PM 2
Count of operated welting machines12
Feeding female screws`s performance60ks/min2 x 50ks/min
Container volume5 dm38 dm3
Distance between feeding machine and welting machinemax. 2 mmax. 2 x 2 m
Electric supply220 V / 6 A220 V / 6 A
Installed input power0,2 kW0,3 kW
Compressed air0,6 MPa0,6 MPa
Air consumption for female screw`s feeding2 dm32 dm3
Weight45 kg65 kg
Measurements LxWxH300x600x1200 mm500x700x1200 mm