Highly efficient and quiet mobile shredder. It is designed for shredding small mouldings, small electric scrap or other small objects. The size of the output mixture can range from 4mm to 12mm.

This is a slow-running shredder. It is designed mainly for shredding small mouldings or inlets arising from pressure pressing of plastic products. The shredder can be used effectively especially by manufacturers producing plastic products on injection moulding machines.


Features of the shredder that we would like to highlight:

  • Light-weight and mobile.The shredder has small wheels and weighs only 70kg.
  • Shear cut ensures high efficiency.
  • The screen can be easily exchanged to achieve required size of the shredded material.
  • Easy and fast cleaning, adjustment and replacement of knives
  • Low speed, quiet operation, shear cut.


Extra equipment that can ordered with the shredder:

Shredder performance[kg/hour]30 ÷ 60
Engine power[kW]2,2
Rotor diameter[mm]160
Length of rotor-knives[mm]100
Number of knives - rotary / fixed[qty]10/2
Diameters of screen holes[mm]4 ÷ 12
Hopper opening (W x H)[mm]240 x 280
Electrical connection[ V / A]400 / 16
Dimensions (L x W x H)[mm]800x500x1200
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