SHREDDER DP 22 -450/430, DP 37 -450/630

Fasr RPM knife mill designed for grinding power and large-scale displacement of materials - especially plastics such as. containers, canisters, more profiles, plates, etc.. However, reliably and crushed rubber,PET bottles, scrap wood, textiles, paper, electrical and elektrokáble Crusher is mainly used effectively in dealing with the crushing plants and municipal waste technology for the purpose of its subsequent recovery.Crusher is built at an angle blade, chamber of wear resistant steel Hardox, robust aggressive rotor with tungsten hardfacing. The shredder must be a transport ventilator,, which crushed material is transported to designated collection point . Rotor grinder 450 mm diameter can be fitted with three or five rotor blade to increase the performance of grinding or crushing aggression. Crusher is produced in its broad Eyes modifications, and engine performance with 22 and 37 kW. Option will set the minimum shear (0.1 mm) between the rotor and stator blade across the length and shaping the crusher for crushing PE-foil and plastic wrap. Flip mechanism uncovered hopper hopper holds in selected position. Crusher can be supplemented by additional feed device for continuous grinding endless belt, foil, plates and profiles.

Characteristics crusher:

  • pound thick-walled and large-scale material
  • Sloping knives from quality tool steel
  • Shear cut - high efficiency grinding material
  • replaceable, easy to screen for desired grit size
  • Robust rotor with flywheel
  • Chamber of wear resistant plates
  • United aggression rotor
  • Shaft couplings for reliable transfer of torque
  • motor overload protection

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Klasická zostava
Rotor crusher
PET crushing underwater.
With crushing pressure of the water.
Capacity DP22-/DP37-[kg/hod]400-900/500÷ 1300
Motor power[kW]1x22 / 2x18,5
Rotor diameter[mm]450
Length of the rotor – knives[mm]430 / 630
Rotating stationary knives[n.]3/2; 5/2
Screen`s holes diameter[mm]6 ÷ 60
Feeding opening (WxH)[mm]680 / 880 x 710
Electric supply[ V / A]400 / 125
Weight[kg]1100 / 1300
Measurements (LxWxH)[mm]1900x1070 / 1270x2800