Wire straightening machines

Rotary straightening machines are assigned for continuous straightening of wire from wire coil, which is afterwards measured and cut to desired length. According to straightened wire`s diameter, the straightening machines are produced in three standard alterations :

  • Type RR 03 for wire straightening in diameter range ø 1÷3 mm
  • Type RR 06 for wire straightening in diameter range ø 2÷6 mm
  • Type RR 10 for wire straightening in diameter range ø 5÷8 (10) mm

The principle of straightening:

The wire is uncoiled – drawn from the wire coil by wire shift drive. The wire proceeds step by step through the inlet draw, leading and first straightening rolls, straightening unit, compensator of wire length , cutting – shears to machine metage of desired wire length. Afterwards the wire is cut and is falling to reservoir. Control of wire shift drive and of straightening unit provides for variability of simple parameter adjustment of wire straightening, and that enables wire with various quality, rigidity and surface treatment to be straightened. ( non- rigid, firm, spring, rustless wire).

1 - Wire coil pay – off
2 - Leading and first straightening rolls
3 - Feed rolls ( wire shift drive)
4 - Rotating straightening unit
5 - Machine hydraulic cutting – shears
6 - Machine metage of desired wire length
7 - Container for straightened and cut wire
8 - Pneumatic system
9 - Hydraulic system
10 - Compensator of wire length
11 - Electronic system – electricity cupboard
12 - Control panel

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Tension pulley
Straightening Rollers
Rotor straightening
Hydraulic shears
Roller leveler drive
Control Panel
Wire diametermm1-32-65-10
Speed of wire straighteningm.s-10,1-0,40,2-0,70,3-1,0
Length tolerancemm+0,5+0,5+0,5
Length measurementm0,04-3,00,04-6,00,1-12
Wire strengthMPado 2000do 2000850 (2000)
Weight of wire coilkg6009001000
Drive input powerkW3510
Electric supplyV / A400 / 16400 / 32400 / 32
Compressed airMPa0,60,60,6
Dimensions Amm128015601950
Dimensions Bmm203030305600
Dimensions Cmm1000-30001000-60001000-12000

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