This robust, slow-running shredder is designed for shredding coarse materials, especially plastics, wood, rubber, hard paper, electric scrap, pressed foils and the like. The shredders are usually included in shredding lines, where they ensure pre-shredding of the material, which is then further shredded in high-speed shredders to the required size. Our high-speed shredders are marked "DP-XX".

The shredder has 22 rotary knives and two fixed ones. The high cutting force per knife is ensured by the fact that two knives never engage at the same time. The shredder is characterized by a rigid steel construction. The drum rotor of the shredder is mounted in steel bearing housings. The shredder has a reverse run. All these features contribute to reliable, safe operation of the shredder and long service life. The rotor diameter is 260mm and its length is 350mm.

Features of the shredder that we would like to highlight:

  • Pneumatic clocked material feeding to the rotor
  • Variable number and arrangement of rotor knives
  • The cutting knife can be rotated 4 times, thus extending its service life
  • Replaceable cutting knives made of tool steel
  • Controlled reverse drive of the shredder
  • Replaceable screen or grate to achieve the required size of shredded material

Extra equipment that can be ordered with the shredder:

Shredder performance[kg/hour]250 ÷ 400
Engine power[kW]11
Rotor diameter[mm]260
Length of the rotor - knives[mm]350
Rotor speed[r.p.m]118
Diameters of screen holes[mm]15 ÷ 60 (grate)
Hopper opening (W x H)[mm]350(810)x350
Electrical connection[V / A]400 / 32
Dimensions (L x W x H)[mm]1000x970x1650
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