The manual wire straightener (pulley) is designed for mechanical straightening of the wire. Its light and rigid construction makes it suitable for use on construction sites and in the field.

  • For straightening lightning conductor wires (earthing conductor wire.)
  • Straightening of uncoated as well as galvanized (Fe / Zn) wires,
  • The straightener allows you to adjust the pressure and bending of the wire
  • The guide bushing ensures quick insertion of the wire into the straightening pulleys
  • Possibility to use an electric drive (1.1kW, 230V, 7A, 46rpm)
  • The manual straightener of the lightning conductor wire is used to re-align the wire directly during installation on the construction site.
Technical parameterValue
wire diameter (mm)6-8 (10 - Cu, Al)
wire strength (MPa)do 450
number of pulleys (pc)5+4 =9
number of driven pulleys (pc)5
weight (kg)13,8
drivemanually (alternatively motorized)
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