Rotary wire straighteners and cutting machines are designed for continuous straightening of wire from the coil, followed by measuring and cutting to the required length. In special cases, we can cut with a cadence up to 6 cuts per second. According to the diameter of the straightened wire, the straighteners are produced in three type modifications:

  • Type RR 03 for wire straightening from ø 1 ÷ 3mm
  • Type RR 06 for wire straightening from ø 2 ÷ 6 mm
  • Type RR 10 for wire straightening from ø 5 ÷ 10 mm

The advantages of our straighteners are:

  • Homogeneous straightening of the wire without stopping or decelerating during cutting, which is important for further processing.
  • High-quality shear cut with maintaining perpendicularity.

Wire straightening principle:

The wire is unwound from a coil. It passes through pre-straightening rollers to traction units with lower and upper rollers drive. It continues to the straightening unit, where the internal stress in the wire is stabilized by bending into plastic deformation by its displacement and rotation of the deformation sleeves. This causes its high degree of straightness. Next, the wire travels through the length compensator, scissors with a precise cutter to the measuring mechanism. Subsequently, the aligned wire is cut off and falls into the magazine.

The wire straightening parameters can be adjusted on the touch screen while the machine is running. It is possible to straighten wires of different quality, strength and surface finish (soft, hard, spring, stainless steel, galvanized, glossy, varnished, alumini-coated, ...)


Do you need a wire straightener? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you.
Wire diametermm1-32-65-10
Wire straightening speedm.s-10,1-0,40,2-0,70,3-1,0
Measuring accuracymm+0,5+0,5+0,5
Measuring lengthm0,04-3,00,04-6,00,1-12
Wire strength MPado 2000do 2000850 (2000)
Weight of the wire coilkg160016001600
Drive powerkW3510
Electrical connectionV / A400 / 16400 / 32400 / 32
Compressed airMPa0,60,60,6
Dimensions: A - widthmm250025003000
Dimensions: B - lengthmm90001100013000
Dimensions: C - heightmm160016001600
Do you need a wire straightener? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you.