Large, powerful, slow-running shredders. Designed especially for volumetric shredding of large and coarse materials - especially plastics, wood, rubber, hard paper, scrap metal, pressed foils and others.

The rigid steel construction of the shredder, the cylindrical rotor housed in steel bearing housings, the controlled reversing drive and the thick sheet metal hopper guarantee reliable and safe operation of the shredder with a long service life. The shredders are usually included in shredding lines, where they ensure pre-shredding of the material, which is then shredded in high-speed shredders to the final size. The shredder is manufactured in two motor modifications, with an engine power of 30 and 37 kW and with a rotor length of 600 or 800 mm. The movable hopper with hydraulically controlled pressure of the material against the rotor enables shredding of even large and bulky materials. In case it is necessary to shred large and bulky shapes, such as car tanks, barrels or others, we recommend equipping the shredder with an upper pressure. The material does not bounce, the shredding speed increases.  

Features of the shredder that we would like to highlight:

  • Drive with controlled motor power of 30 or 37kW
  • Hydraulic, controlled clocked feeding of material into the rotor
  • Variable number and arrangement of rotor knives
  • The cutting knife can be rotated 4 times, thus extending its service life
  • Controlled reverse drive of the shredder
  • Replaceable grates to achieve the required size of shredded material.

Extra equipment that can be ordered with the shredder:

SHRERDDER type A30-330/600A37-330/800
Shredder performance[kg/hour]400 ÷ 1200500 ÷ 1600
Engine power[kW]3037
Rotor diameter[mm]330330
Length of the rotor - knives[mm]600800
Rotor speed[r.p.m]115115
Diameters of screen holes[mm]20 ÷ 6020 ÷ 60
Hopper opening (W x H)[mm]1050 x 6001050 x 800
Electrical connection[ V / A]400 / 63400 / 63
Dimensions (L x W x H)[mm]1800x1450x17302420x1650x1730
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