High-speed knife mill, designed for high-performance volumetric shredding of large materials - especially plasticssuch as crates, jerrycans, PET bottles, longer profiles, boards, etc.. It also reliably shreds rubber, wood chips, textiles, paper, electrical scrap and electrical cables...

The shredder can be used effectively especially in plants dealing with the shredding of technological and municipal waste for the purpose of its subsequent recovery.

The shredder knives are inclined. The shredder has a chamber made of abrasion-resistant HARDOX steel and a robust rotor with the possibility of creating a tungsten hard weld. The shredder rotor with a diameter of 450 mm can be equipped with three or five rotor knives, in order to increase the shredding power. The shredder is manufactured in two width modifications and two engine modifications, 22 kW or 37 kW.

As it is possible to set a minimum shear clearance of 0.1 m, the shredders are suitable for shredding PE films and microtene films. The shredder can be extended with an additional feeding device for continuous shredding of endless strips of film, straps, profiles. The unfolding hopper mechanism holds the unfolded hopper in any position. Shaft clamps for reliable torque transmission.


Features of the shredder that we would like to highlight:

  • Shredding, thick-walled and large-scale material, is provided by a large space in front of the knives.
  • The shear cut ensures high efficiency of material shredding.
  • Easily replaceable screen to achieve the required size of shredded material.
  • The robust rotor of the shredder with flywheels helps to shred coarse materials.
  • The large sharpening allowance ensures a long service life of the knives.


The shredder can be expanded or modified with/by:

  • An additional feeding device for continuous shredding of endless film strips (more information), strips, boards and profiles.
  • Adjusting the hopper, discharge hopper, placing the shredder according to your needs.
  • Welding the chamber and rotor for longer service life of stressed parts of the shredder.


Extra equipment that can be ordered with the shredder:

Shredder DP37 performance[kg/hour]500÷ 1300
Engine power[kW]2x18,5
Rotor diameter[mm]450
Length of the rotor - knives[mm] 630
Number of knives - rotary / fixed[QTY]3/2
Diameters of screen holes[mm]6 ÷ 60
Hopper opening (W x H)[mm]630 x 710
Electrical connection[V / A]400 / 125
Dimensions (L x W x H)[mm]1270x2800
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