High-speed knife mill. The shredder is designed for shredding plastics. However, it also reliably shredsrubber, wood chips, textiles, paper, electrical scrap, electrical cables, polystyrene as well as root and herbaceous crops. The shredder can be used effectively especially by manufacturers producing plastic products, but also in the shredding of technological and municipal waste for the purpose of its subsequent recovery.

The shredder can be operated with an extracting device that transports shredded material to the collection point. Without the extractor, the shredded material falls directly into a bag attached to the discharge hopper. The rotor is mounted in steel bearing housings, which ensures longer service life and safety. Inclined knives ensure shredding of thick-walled materials. As it is possible to set a minimum shear clearance of 0.1 mm, the shredder is suitable also for shreddingPET bottles, PE films and microtenefilms.


Features of the shredder that we would like to highlight:

  • Shear cut ensures high material shredding efficiency.
  • An easily replaceable screen to achieve the required size of shredded material.
  • Easy cleaning, adjustment and replacement of the knives ensure easy maintenance.
  • The large sharpening allowance ensures a long service life of the knives.


The shredder can be expanded or modified with/by:

  • Additional feeding device for continuous shredding of endless film strips (more information), strips, boards and profiles.
  • Adjusting a hopper, discharge hopper, placing the shredder according to your needs.
  • Welding the chamber and rotor to extend the service life of the stressed parts of the shredder.


Extra equipment that can be ordered with the shredder:

Shredder performance[kg/hour]80 ÷ 220
Engine power[kW]11
Rotor diameter[mm]240
Length of rotor-knives[mm]350
Number of knives - rotary / fixed[QTY]3/2
Diameters of screen holes[mm]4 ÷ 40
Hopper opening (W x H)[mm]350 x 250
Electrical connection[ V / A]400 / 32
Dimensions (L x W x H)[mm]1070x610x1800
We will be happy to advise you on your choice.